Revolutionize Icon Design with Our AI-Powered Software!

Accelerate Your Icon Creation Process: Harness the Power of Our AI Digital Icon Generator for Your Business Website, Applications, and Brand.

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19,000+ Icons Generated 700+ Happy Customers

No Jokes, It's THAT Simple!


Endless Array of Choices

Unleash Iconic Diversity: Explore an Array of Presets to Create Your Dream Icons with Ease.

High Resolution

Enjoy High-Resolution Icons at 1024x1024 for Seamless Modification in Your Preferred Image Editor.

Affordable Prices

Unlock More Value with Our Generous Credit System: Say No to Scams and Say Yes to Abundant Credits for Your Icon Generation Needs!

Manage your Collection

Say Goodbye to Manual Collection Management as Our AI Icon Generator Stores All Your Generated Icons for You.

Social Presence

Seamlessly Share Your Icons on Social Media and Gather Feedback from Friends with Ease.

Time Saving

Our icons will generate within a few seconds for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

It takes less than 1 minute! Friendly and efficient service guaranteed.

The price starts at $5 for 50 credits, $9 for 100 credits and $20 for 250 credits. The more credits you purchase, the better value you get per unit.

You can create as many icons as you need with sufficient credits, no limits!

You'll get a beautiful icon in 1024x1024 FHD quality in PNG & JPG format. Plus you will recieve font recommendations and colour palette ideas.

Your icon is yours to keep and use however you like, commercial rights included. Plus, you can even resell it.

What people have been saying ❤️
Rohit Biswakarma


Creating icons has historically been a laborious and difficult process, but with IconCraftAI.Com, it becomes effortlessly simple!

Bipul Bala


This tool saves a ton of time at very crucial stage of any project/startup.

Manohor Patra


This app proved to be exactly what I needed when I was searching for a logo to represent my product.

Bikash Sharma


I actually need this. Since yesterday, I've been experimenting with various AI tools to design my clients' logo.



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